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Conservative mouthpiece Phyllis Schlafly recently claimed that the best way to improve women's economic prospects is to pay men more. Dr. Carole Joffee, author of 'Doctors of Conscience' and 'Dispatches from the Abortion Wars,' explains just how wrong Schlafly is. Read more →

After vandals destroyed abortion provider Susan Cahill's clinic, author and advocate Carole Joffe remember's Cahill's incredible contributions to abortion care in the US. Read more →

Because of all the ramifications of the abortion wars in this country, U.S. providers have become de facto social workers, fundraisers, and travel agents, to name just a few of their ancillary roles. Dr. Carole Joffe shows us a hidden side of the abortion issue. Read more →

On the anniversary of a landmark ruling giving women the right to control their reproductive destiny, Carole Joffe reflects on where we stand today. Read more →

By Carole Joffe This post originally appeared at RHRealityCheck. Here are some things that have occurred in the immediate aftermath of the tragic slaughter of children and their teachers in Newtown, Connecticut: More signatures on a petition calling for gun... Read more →

When does the Christian Right not like prayer? When those praying are faithful supporters of a woman's right to choose. Read more →

Governor Rick Perry presides over a state in which 25 percent of men have no health insurance, and he's pushed to de-fund family planning. Read more →

The former first lady was never shy about expressing her views, but a Republican First Lady openly supporting the right to abortion would be unthinkable today. Read more →