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"Deportation relief is a stopgap measure," says David Bacon, author of THE RIGHT TO STAY HOME: How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration. "We need permanent solutions so that those receiving deferred status are not vulnerable." Read more →

The UUA and other religious organizations have reignited the Sanctuary Movement, an interfaith campaign that encourages congregations to open their doors and offer sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation... Read more →

Since nothing beats getting cozy and having some quality time with a new paperback, we put together a list of seven recent releases that you can lose yourself in as the weather turns cold. Read more →

An indigenous community leader from Oaxaca reports on the struggle against economic policies that drive migration, in an excerpt from David Bacon’s The Right to Stay Home (now available in paperback). Read more →

Today's post is from David Bacon, author of Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants. For more articles and images, see http://dbacon.igc.org, and read more about Beacon's immigration titles at "Beyond SB1070" on Beacon.org. In San Francisco and... Read more →

In 2006, Mexico experienced profound social turmoil. Dramatic political and economic conflicts uprooted and displaced thousands of families, forcing many to consider leaving home. Teachers struck in Oaxaca, and after their demonstrations were tear-gassed, a virtual insurrection paralyzed the state capitol for months. Read more →