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Just as I was about to head out the door, I received this email from Maxine Giammo, a publicist here at Beacon:

"Reading today’s lovely interview with Suzanne Kamata over at the blog “Creative Construction”, I realized that some of us at Beacon may not be aware of the recent loss experienced by Love You to Pieces contributor, Vicki Forman, whose son Evan passed away unexpectedly in late July.

Vicki’s essay on Evan’s premature birth, “Coming to Samsara,” is the first selection in Love You to Pieces. Vicki has been an enthusiastic promoter of the book, most recently speaking about it at the BlogHer conference in July.

You can read more of Vicki’s beautiful writing about Evan on her blog: The outpouring of support online has been phenomenal and Beacon joins in extending our deepest sympathies to Vicki and her family."