The Summer Games: Raising Olympian Michael Phelps

Link Roundup: Christian Patriarchy, Climate Change, Fiction for a Better World

Beacon Broadside will be on vacation next week, which is to say that the editor of Beacon Broadside will be on vacation. While I will miss you all, I'll leave you with some reading to keep you busy.

This Week's Beacon Broadside posts:

The Summer Games: Raising an Olympian
Mark Hyman on why Debbie Phelps, mother of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, is a great mom.

Digging the Dig
John Hanson Mitchell gives the Big Dig some love.

Redefining the Pill: Bush Administration Calls Contraception "Abortion"
Carole Joffe on recent actions taken by the Bush Administration that would define all contraception as abortion. 

Good Reading Elsewhere:

Kathryn Joyce, on the Canadian show SexTV, talks about Quiverfull, a growing sect in the Christian patriarchy movement that is the subject of her forthcoming book. The excerpt of the show also features a woman who was excommunicated from her church for divorcing her husband.

Fred Pearce explains why trade talks should be important to climate change activists.

Jeremy Adam Smith at Daddy Dialectic discusses race with his four-year-old son.

Jennifer Nix calls for a Progressive Literary Zeitgeist.

On his Inheriting the Trade blog, Thomas DeWolf says good-bye to departing Beacon publicist Leah Riviere. She will be sorely missed by everyone here at Beacon Press, as will departing managing editor Lisa Sacks. Warmest wishes to both of them!

Beacon Broadside will be back in action Tuesday, August 19th. See you then!