From the Director: Remembering Robert Giroux
The Unetane Tokef: A Jewish Model for Collective Responsibility

Link Roundup: Teaching and Writing, SCOTUS Can't Get No Respect, and Beacon Broadside at One Year

In the New York Times Magazine last weekend, David Gessner, author of Soaring With Fidel, weighed the pros and cons of teaching and writing, and teaching writing.

Salon talks with Carmine Sarracino about our porn-saturated culture. Sarracino is co-author of The Porning of America.

David Moore (The Opinion Makers) was on Greater Boston this Monday (Sept. 22nd) talking about why pre-election polling is suspect. 

On BlackProf, Sherrilyn Ifill analyzes the loss of prestige suffered by an isolationist, ideological Supreme Court.

This Sunday, a handful of politically conservative pastors intend to flout their churches' non-profit status by openly endorsing John McCain from the pulpit. The Interfaith Alliance has countered their action, urging pastors of all political stripes to pledge to refrain from direct political endorsement.

Beacon Broadside is One Year Old

That first year goes so fast! To commemorate our first anniversary, here are the most popular posts of the past year based on page hits. They represent a good cross-section of the topics and voices we've featured here on the blog. If you've enjoyed the blog during this past year, join our Facebook Blog Network or Fan Page. Thanks for reading! 

The Summer Games: Raising an Olympian by Mark Hyman

The Email That Ended a Career: Intelligent Design and Texas Education by Glenn Branch

Sarah Palin: No Friend to Children and Adults with Disabilities by Jane Bernstein

Redefining the Pill: Bush Administration Calls Contraception "Abortion" by Carole Joffe

Obama's Mixed Heritage: A Mother's Perspective by Barbara Katz Rothman

The Porning of Miley Cyrus by Kevin Scott

Wal-Mart Takes Greenwashing to a New Level by Stacy Mitchell

Read This! Instilling a Love of Reading in Kids by Chris Mercogliano

Edna St. Vincent Millay by Mary Oliver

On the Road with Mary Oliver by Helene Atwan