Weathering the Storm: Keeping Some Control in a Financial Crisis
A Mother’s Perspective on Palin, Disability Issues, and Reproductive Rights

Link Roundup: Welcome to New Readers, Rev. Forrest Church, Divorce as a Health Care Strategy

In the run-up to tonight's Vice Presidential debate, which will be hosted by Gwen Ifill, we're seeing an slight uptick in traffic from conservative blogs linking to her cousin Sherrilyn Ifill's post on The Relevance of Nooses and Lynching in the Age of Obama. For those of you who clicked through to read the entire post, then stuck around to see what else we talk about here, welcome.

Or you might have come here from Galleycat, where Ron Hogan said something nice about us again this week. We're happy to see you, too!

Good Reading Elsewhere:

"After two or three poignant farewell sermons, I'm almost embarrassed this morning to be seen in public upright." Rev. Forrest Church was featured in a moving story about last weekend's sermon at the Unitarian Church of All Souls. Rev. Church posted on Beacon Broadside in July about his book Love & Death.

Sara Robinson does some myth debunking regarding the Community Reinvestment Act and the subprime crisis. (Link via Susan Campbell's Fear, Itself blog at the Hartford Courant).

"Neither of us wanted a divorce. We thought we'd be soulmates, forever and forever. But we couldn't afford to go to doctor any more and couldn't afford medication." Long-married couples divorce in order to get necessary health care

"Polar bears, Priuses and Ph.D.s aren't going to do it alone." Green-collar dynamo Van Jones in Time on how green jobs can save the economy and the earth.

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