A Graphic Book Adaptation of Geoffrey Canada’s Fist Stick Knife Gun
Do You Know Your Genes?

Link Roundup: Bill Ayers TV appearances, Nan Mooney on student loans and toys, Kai Wright on Prop 8

Bill Ayers appeared on Good Morning America and Democracy Now! this morning. The latter interview, which is longer and more substantive, includes his wife, Bernardine Dohrn.

Bill McKibben discusses Obama's Big Climate Challenge.

Nan Mooney (Not Keeping Up With Our Parents) talks about College Loan Slavery. She was also on Babble this week worrying about whether her son is toy-deprived.

In the economic downturn, social services programs are losing funding. In Hartford, a program to help kids in the aftermath of sexual assault; in New York, the Ali Forney Center, the only full-time drop-in center for homeless gay youth in the city.

Kai Wright (Drifting Toward Love) looks into the "Prop 8 Blame Game."

Jeremy Adam Smith at Daddy Dialectic talks about how the economy affects stay-at-home parenthood.

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