Home for the Holidays?
Forget Commercialism! The New Realities of Consumption and the Economy

Link Roundup: Fresh Ayers, Fred Pearce, and what to do with an old Wal-Mart

Bill Ayers was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air earlier this week (the interview was praised by James Fallows of the Atlantic here). Also check out his interview with Walter Shapiro at Salon, which has an accompanying video. A talk Ayers gave in Washington was covered by the Washington Post and NPR.

Fred Pearce appeared on Living on Earth to discuss Confessions of an Eco-Sinner. Citizen Reader suggests using the principles in the book to guide your holiday shopping.

Amy Alexander discusses the incoming president.

Don't know what to do with the abandoned big-box store in your town? Here are a few ideas. (Thanks, Susan Campbell.)

Nancy Polikoff discusses Thomas and Nancy Beatie's legal status as parents.

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