Memories of Studs Terkel from One of Thousands of Good Friends
Barack Obama’s Religious Views and Howard Thurman

Link Roundup: Mary Oliver, Ayers interviews, Race and the Election

"The Poet Goes to Indiana" by Mary Oliver was featured on the Writer's Almanac recently.

Bill Ayers was interviewed by the Washington Post for this piece that ran that day after the election—the New Yorker's David Remnick was there, too. Last week, Garry Trudeau offered this commentary on the pre-election media.

On Slate, one more eloquent defense of scholar Rashid Khalidi made it in before the election.

Colm Tóibín wrote this piece for the New York Review of Books about similarities between Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father and James Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son.

Kevin Scott appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio to discuss The Porning of America.

Amy Alexander and Dr. Alvin Pouissaint co-wrote a pre-election article for The Root about managing the stress of history and led this post-election discussion about African-American reactions at Washington Post.

Latoya Peterson analyzed the ways we talked about race and identity during the campaign.

Jay Wexler submits a Supreme Court Humor Special Report on the "F-Word and S-Word Case" (except that he uses bad words). Frederick Lane discussed the lower court ruling here.

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