Black History Month
Not Lost in Translation: Beacon’s Reach Overseas

Link Roundup: Dirt, Dubious Polling, Denver

I remember a phrase uttered often on the playground, usually in response to a dropped piece of candy: "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt." Apparently, there's some truth there.

It's only just started, but is it really the end of Black History Month?

David Moore hands out the first annual Top 10 Dubious Polling Awards.

At Mark Hyman's blog, he addresses swimmer Michael Phelps and his recent embarrassing photo. Hyman talked about Michael and his mom Debbie Phelps on Beacon Broadside last August.

Kate Clinton fights bad weather and the flu to get to the Task Force's 21st Annual National Conference on LGBT Equality in Denver.

On, "Broadcasting While Black," a look at several important Black public affairs television shows. If you have a chance, check out the Say Brother archive for short clips of the show.

Glenn Branch, in an opinion piece at US News, makes the case against Intelligent Design.

At the Harvard University Press Publicity Blog, a new look at Booker T. Washington.

Beacon Broadside got some praise at Galleycat. Check out the post and see all the other exciting publisher's blogs featured there.

Via 26th Story, a history of the Atlantic Monthly in magazine covers. Beacon Press currently occupies the Atlantic's former home, so our address is there on the cover from 1919.