Spring Arrives at Stone Prairie Farm: Time to Burn the Prairie
Troubling New Military Strategy in Afghanistan

Link Roundup: Death in Ireland, Sexual Assualt in the Military, Extreme Motherhood

A community tries to save Shaman Drum bookshop in Ann Arbor.

Nan Mooney talks about finding her baby daddy.

"To Always Live in Ireland." At Obit, Suzanne Strempek Shea discusses memory trees in Ireland.While you're there, check out her piece about funerals in a small Irish town.

A greener Mouse? Fred Pearce says--sorry Mickey--no.

Using placebos as legitimate treatment options.

Uh... President Obama, we know you've got a lot to do these days, but when are you going to pick your Women's bracket?

Beacon Media links: 

On TV: Helen Benedict, author of The Lonely Soldier, was briefly featured in this NBC Nightly News feature on sexual assault in the military. Also, Alan Collinge appeared on Democracy Now! with Jesse Jackson, talking about crippling student loans.

On Radio: Lisa Mullins interviews Rashid Khalidi on PRI's The World.

In Print: A look at "Extreme Motherhood" by Quiverfull author Kathryn Joyce.

Online: More Kathryn Joyce on Salon.com: an article about Vyckie Garrison, a mother of seven who is a former member of the Quiverfull movement.