Tom Hallock: Genocide Prevention Month
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Link Roundup: Easter, Passover, Springtime

Susan Campbell, who previously described here her secular Christmases as a fundamentalist Christian kid, remembers her bunny- and egg-filled, but Jesus-free, Easters.

How do you know when a coach is pushing a kid too far? Maybe when he sticks the child's arm in a freezer full of popsicles so that he can finish pitching the game?

On Leonard Lopate, Lydia Denworth describes the lives of the two men who changed America's laws about lead.

Obit Mag looks at two new books about genocide.

Nancy Polikoff gushes about the Iowa gay marriage decision.

An Italian-American "Jew by Choice" frets about eight days without Pasta, and decides that she has to take it slowly. But if you are trying to keep the chametz out of your diet for Passover, I'd avoid these.

Are you ready to get planting? Or are you killing your seedlings indoors?