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The Gathering Norm: Marriage Equality

Link Roundup: Beacon Authors on the Airwaves and in Print

Stuff to listen to: 

Sonia Sanchez reading her haikus for Max Roach.

Mark Hyman discussing youth sports on Here and Now.

Helen Benedict on the BBC talking about sexual violence toward women in the military (at 15:49). 

Stuff to read:

Nancy Gift wants you to learn to love your weeds.

Sue Hyde looks at homophobic bullying in schools.

Wendy Kaminer criticizes the ACLU's stance on a recent UN resolution.

The Economist has six questions for Rashid Khalidi

Caroline Leavitt interviews Danielle Ofri about her memoir of becoming a doctor at Bellevue.

Mark Winne on finding better food close to home.

Beacon Press is the first stop on an alternate Freedom Trail.

Here at Beacon, we're very sad to be saying good-bye this week to publicist extraordinaire Maxine Giammo and our beloved CFO John Wong. They will be dearly missed, and we wish them all the best in the future.