Kathryn Joyce, Author of Quiverfull, Receives "Award" from Christian Patriarchy Leader
Karen Kahn: Five by Five and Counting

Link Roundup: Harlem Children's Zone, Young Race Car Drivers, Don't Ask Don't Tell

Geoffrey Canada was at the New Yorker Summit last week, discussing the problems facing poor school districts.

If you have about forty minutes, watch Howard Zinn speaking at The Progressive's 100th Anniversary celebration.

If you have a little less time, listen to Danielle Offri discussing the process of becoming a doctor on the Journal Watch podcast.

Mark Hyman was on Dateline NBC commenting on an eight-year-old girl who races cars.

Helen Benedict talks to the Huffington Post about why she wrote about women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alan Colinge talks about the core problems with our student loan system.

In the President's own handwriting: Obama is committed to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell.