Mark Hyman: Little League at Seventy
Lillian B. Rubin: The Torture Memos

Link Roundup: Souter, Gay Marriage Myths, Buy Indie Day

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is retiring. Jay Wexler recalls having "lunch" with Souter, and also offers himself as a candidate for justice

David Bacon calls for a reality check on immigration policy.

Three Massachusetts clergypeople debunk gay marriage myths.

Wendy Kaminer discusses the ACLU on OnPoint.

Swine Flu? Danielle Ofri talks about why we care more about exotic illnesses than thee mundane ones that are more likely to kill us.

It only took 340 years, but England now has its first female poet laureate. Cheers to Carol Ann Duffy.

It's Buy Indie Day. Get out to an independent bookstore and buy a book! (And don't forget Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, where you don't even have to spend any money.)