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Link Roundup: SCOTUS keeps it clean, Father's Day for SAHDs, Rev. Church in Businessweek

Jay Wexler uncovers the truth behind the euphemisms in the Supreme Court's "F-Word and S-Word" case (a.k.a. FCC v. Fox Television Stations). And the Globe takes note of his book, Holy Hullabaloos, in anticipation of his reading Wednesday night at... Read more →

Carlos A. Ball, author of the forthcoming book From the Closet to the Courtroom: Five LGBT Rights Lawsuits That Have Changed Our Nation, looks at the good that may come from the decision in California. Read more →

Link Roundup: The Daddy Shift, Kaminer on the Torture Photos, the Murder of George Tiller

Two good posts about the importance of raising heck in a religious context: Peter Laarman Putting the 'Protest' Back in Protestant, and Rachelle Mee-Chapman espousing the Spiritual Benefits of Being Pissy. (That second link is via the Dating Jesus blog.)... Read more →