Nancy Polikoff: Israel, Civil Marriage, and Valuing All Families
Link Roundup: SCOTUS keeps it clean, Father's Day for SAHDs, Rev. Church in Businessweek

Friday's Distractions: Loving Day, Paternity Leave, Watching a friend become a Nazi

Happy Loving Day! On this day in 1967, the Supreme Court made interracial marriage legal.

June 12th also marks the day Medgar Evers was murdered and the day Anne Frank was born.

A law prof talks about his paternity leave.

Is contemporary literature doomed to "the Gothic fate of poor slain poetry"? But, wait! Poetry's not dead yet!

Watching a family friend turn into a Nazi.

A conversation between a traditional nun and her gay cousin about sexuality and the Catholic Church.

Good-bye, Shaman Drum Bookshop.

Congratulations, GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings, on being appointed to the Department of Education. Now someone needs to counter the conservative backlash.