Carole Joffe: The Legacy of George Tiller
Jay Wexler: Ginsburg Grants a Stay

Link Roundup: Weeds, Sotomayor, Recent Media

Looking for some good gardening books? We recommend the one about weeds

So why would an accomplished jurist address the hot-button topic of race? Perhaps because, if you're Sonia Sotomayor, people keep asking you about it.

Six questions for Rashid Khalidi about the Cold War and the Middle East.

Enthusiasm for The Daddy Shift on Mike Adamick's SF Chronicle blog.

Connecticut becomes the first New England state to apologize for slavery.

A recent report on women in science shows gains at research universities, but don't break out the champagne yet.

So many people have been sharing their personal stories of terminating their pregnancies in the late second or third trimester, in the wake of the murder of Dr. George TillerThis personal story is about a pregnancy that eventually went to term because, in spite of early tests that showed a possibility of a severe defect, the parents had the option of a late-term abortion.

Great interview with Mark Hyman for Baltimore's Press Box. Embedded here, but if it doesn't display in your browser, visit here.

Inside PressBox May 17, 2009: Youth Sports from PressBox on Vimeo.