From the Director: Beacon Press and The King Legacy
Stone Prairie Farm: The Sights and Sounds of Late Springtime

Link Roundup: The Daddy Shift, Kaminer on the Torture Photos, the Murder of George Tiller

Two good posts about the importance of raising heck in a religious context: Peter Laarman Putting the 'Protest' Back in Protestant, and Rachelle Mee-Chapman espousing the Spiritual Benefits of Being Pissy. (That second link is via the Dating Jesus blog.)

UUWorld covers Beacon's recent announcement of the King Legacy, a partnership with the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr., which you can read more about here and here

Hands-on dads handle the stress of unemployment better than traditional dads, says Jeremy Adam Smith. Also check out Smith's Q&A with Lisa Belkin on the Motherlode blog.

Slate's Double X features a military wives roundtable.

Wendy Kaminer offers a brief analysis of the Obama v. ACLU wrangling over the torture photos.

A plea for a female heroine in animated film--one who isn't a princess.

Dr. George Tiller was shot to death in church yesterday. Online today, many reactions to his murder, some of them highlighting the perils of providing healthcare to women in an environment of raging political hyperbole and constant threats to clinic workers and volunteers. Among the other posts, Marc Ambinder on free speech issues and the murder, this mea culpa from a former member of the pro-life movement, and this DailyKos diary from a former patient of Dr. Tiller.