Stone Prairie Farm: Thrilling Evening and Foggy Morning
Video: Katherine Newman on the Near Poor

Audio: Irina Reyn reads "I Was a Pre-Pubescent Messiah"

Book cover for Believer BewareBeliever, Beware: First-person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith, the second collection to spring from, presents true tales of sex ed in Catholic school, witches in Kansas, sects and the city, Buddhists in the barbershop, Sufis under your nose, an adolescent Jewish messiah in Queens, and more. In a world riven by absolute convictions, these ambivalent confessions, skeptical testimonies, and personal revelations speak to the subtler and stranger dilemmas of faith and doubt-of religion lost and found and lost again.

Hear Irina Reyn read “I Was a Prepubescent Messiah" at the Believer, Beware release party on June 29, 2009. You can also read the essay here.