Observation Post
by Philip C. Winslow:
Angola's Forgotten War, Squandered Peace
David W. Moore: Sarah Palin and Her Future Political Prospects

Link Roundup: Who's Qualified? Alternate reality Sotomayor hearing. Chinese quarantine.

In the NY Times, Lani Guiner and Susan Sturm (Who's Qualified?examine the Ricci decision.

Alan Collinge explains the student loan industry to Daily Kos-ians. 

Have you been wondering what the Sotomayor confirmation hearings would be like if they were conducted by the 1977 Kansas City Royals? Well, Jay Wexler has the answer anyway.

Beacon author Jonathan Metzl was recently quarantined by the Chinese government in respose to an H1N1 scare. And regardless of what the Chinese government had to say about it, the accommodations were not five-star. 

Meredith Hall's Without a Map was featured on O Magazine's list of ten recommended memoirs (along with Kelly McMasters, who wrote this post for Beacon Broadside a while back).

The Bitch Magazine blog gives The Daddy Shift a thoughtful review

Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God, loves Believer, Beware

Blurbs don't get much better than this: "I read Love and Death as soon as it came out.  The greatest gift I could give every one of you is to just tell you to go read this book."  President Bill Clinton