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Link Roundup: Health Care, Gay Gatesgate? and some Beacon press...

The Abbeville Manual of Style, one of the best publisher blogs around, may soon disappear. Go over there and read some of their amazing, insightful, and often funny posts, and then write about how much you love them on your own blog. Oh, and buy their books, too.

In reaction to combative, ill-informed opposition to health care reform, there's been a whole lotta debunking going on. Judy Bachrach, whose Ask Judy column at Obit-Mag is one of my can't-miss items online, goes after the "Kill Granny" myths. Zachary Roth at TPM assures us that our bank accounts are safe. Salon goes after all the misconceptions. And Christopher Hayes at the Nation has some, er, answers of his own.

You should also follow DemFromCT at DailyKos, who has been putting together some excellent roundups of the health care debate (including this one that linked to David Moore's piece on Gallup's polling bias on the issue).

A Gay Gatesgate? Above the Law has been following the story of a gay lawyer who was arrested for disorderly conduct in DC after insulting an officer. Latest developments here.

Some sexual assault victims still have to pay for their own rape kits, even though the Violence Against Women Act was supposed to make this illegal.

And in Beacon Press linkage...

Wendy Kaminer analyzes the free-speech issues posed by the Gates arrest and a couple of related incidents.

Remember to eat your weedies.

Forget organized Youth Sports, even gym class is dangerous these days.

A thoughtful review in Disability Quarterly of Beyond the Miracle Worker: The Remarkable Story of Anne Sullivan Macy and Her Extraordinary Friendship with Helen Keller and a really nice interview with the book's author, Kim Nielsen.

Mean Little deaf Queer was also featured in Disability Quarterly, as well as Edge on the Net and More Magazine.

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