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Link Roundup: World Food Day, Small Towns in Canada, How to Apologize

Today is World Food Day, and Mark Winne looks at the growing problem of food insecurity, and the failures of community-based food programs to fix the problem:

Not only do they not end hunger, they operate in illogical defiance of the principles of American individualism and self-reliance.

As if asking the victims of our failed national and global food systems to accept their fate -- to be poor, to be hungry -- isn't enough, we also ask them to forgo their innate human desire to challenge that fate. "Don't worry," say the agencies and the charities, "Do as we say; fill out the forms, stand in line, and you shall be fed." (Zesterdaily)

Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar pokes fun at new FTC blogging regulations, then goes on to talk about how much he liked reading Holy Hullabaloos, which, as he points out, he got for free from the author.

Canadians worry about small towns, too: the Ottawa Citizen interviews Patrick Carr about Hollowing Out the Middle and the declining populations of rural areas in the U.S. and its neighbor to the north.

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