Carole Joffe: Health Reform, Violence and Blanket Warmers: The Status of Abortion on Roe V Wade Day
Jonathan M. Metzl: In Medical Records, a Story of the Racialization of Schizophrenia

Link Roundup: Sri Lanka, Schizophrenia, The Abortion Wars

The Sri Lankan election is tomorrow, and the Toronto Star spoke with Adele Barker about the tensions and bitterness of the contest.

African-American men are diagnosed with schizophrenia at rates four to five times more than other groups. The Root talked with Jonathan Metzl about this issue and his new book, The Protest Psychosis.

Sophia Raday is now blogging at, contributing posts about her politically-mixed marriage.

Carole Joffe discusses the Abortion Wars with

The authors of Hollowing Out the Middle look at an Endangered Species: the American Heartland.

CNN Newsroom featured a live interview with Sonia Sanchez on Sunday. The five minute interview focused on the Smithsonian's Freedom's Sisters traveling exhibit, which features Sonia Sanchez and nineteen other 19th and 20th century African-American female activists. The video is embedded here, but if it doesn't appear, you can follow this link.