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Link Roundup

From excerpts to interviews, blog posts to online forums… Here are just a few updates from this week.

Gail Dines, author of Pornland, appeared on CNN News and in the Boston Globe this week, discussing "gonzo" pornography's grip on the young minds of an entire generation. Dines was also mentioned in a recent article on the website Independent Woman which discussed how porn addiction can ruin a marriage.

"It's time for a spiritual awakening in which we turn from obsession with future salvation and begin to savor and save the world that we are in." Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, co author of A House for Hope, in "Oil Spill Spirituality" featured on the Washington Post's On Faith.

Charles Euchner received an amazing review in the Boston Globe for his book Nobody Turn Me Around documenting the 1963 march on Washington. "Euchner's true contribution is the panoramic view he affords of this pivotal event."

Are you a pink slip away from being uninsured? Danielle Ofri talks about a new class of patient: recently laid-off without insurance.  

Fred Pearce and his latest book, The Coming Population Crash, were featured on PRI's The World. Join in on the conversation with an online forum with Pearce at PRI's The World Science.

In his book, The Boys from Little Mexico: A Season Chasing the American Dream, Steve Wilson portrays an all-Hispanic boys' soccer team as they push forward to win the Oregon state championship. An excerpt, complete with brilliant photos, can be found at This Is American Soccer, and a wonderful review appeared on the Aztexan blog.

Dylan Edwards, who is at work on a graphic book about genderqueers and FTM transsexuals, had his picture snapped at Comic-Con and is part of this great roundup of LGBT comics folks at the Prism Comics blog.