What Judge Walker's Ruling Tells Us About the Right's Twenty-Year Campaign of Spreading Fear on Same-Sex Marriage
John Waters: “It was a magical time in my life…”

Link Roundup: Pink Slips and Poor Health, Stepford Sluts, and the Value of Marriage

On the New York Times' Well blog, Dr. Danielle Ofri (Medicine in Translation) looks at the connection between unemployment and poor health. Dr. Ofri also contributed a "Cases" column for the Times about how a physical examination can help a patient's mental well-being.

From Stepford wife to Stepford slut: Gail Dines (Pornland), looks at how the idealized pop culture feminine image has morphed from Betty Draper to hardcore porn star. Also check out this great interview about gonzo pornography at vocalo.org.

"'Jesus!' he said. 'Did you see how many Mexicans they’ve got?'" This Is American Soccer posted a second excerpt from Steve Wilson's The Boys from Little Mexico.

Sonia Sanchez "drenches her words in honey goodness so they sound like the sweetest thang you've ever heard," The Root gushes in this feature interview, where the poet discusses what she's reading and the future of African-American literature.

Chalk the union of one man and one woman up to the good influence of their gay friends: it took a lesbian wedding for Jeremy Adam Smith to understand the importance of marriage.

At Education Next, David Chura discusses teaching students behind bars.

Eddee Daniel (who appeared on Beacon Broadside as a guest blogger a while back) reviews The Coming Population Crash.

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