Martin Luther King Was an Interfaith Visionary, Too
Ex-Offenders and the Ballot Box

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Take a look at our May pub that @PublishersWkly just gave a starred review: intellectually rigorous as it is entertaining
18 Jan

Guernica mag picks up our very own editor Gayatri Patnaik's post on MLK day. Tell us your thoughts on the post!
18 Jan

@PeaceCorps founding director Sargent Shriver Hospitalized In Suburban DC… via @WBUR
18 Jan

Listen here to Michael Honey talk about MLK day and "All Labor Has Dignity" on the Brian Lehrer show.
14 Jan

Author of OVERDIAGNOSED has an opinion piece on @CNN about the new blood test for cancer. Penny for your thoughts.
11 Jan

"In Plastic We Trust" - Laurie Essig in this weekend's @washingtonpost
10 Jan

The @seattletimes has a nice write up for "All Labor Has Dignity" today, by columnist Jerry Large. #Spring11books
6 Jan

Q&A with John Buehrens and Rebecca Parker, authors of A HOUSE FOR HOPE, on Religion Dispatches:
5 Jan

Environmental lovers, Ted Dracos was on KPCW's "This Green Earth" yesterday. Here's audio of his interview. Check it out!
5 Jan

To all of our food-lovers, check out this review of "Food Rebels" in the Food Times
3 Jan

"They were doing whatever they could to keep their children alive." Margaret Regan on #immigration in @UUWorld.
3 Jan

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Fred Lane

fsl3 Fred Lane RT
Angry Birds know where you live ... and they intend to do something about it. There's a growing body of research... 17 Jan

S. Craig Watkins

scraigwatkins S. Craig Watkins
Visiting Western Washington Univ. today, the entire campus is reading The Young and the Digital…I think that's a good thing. 18 Jan

Mark Hyman

sportsparents Mark Hyman
Want to play in the Little League World Series? 18 Jan

Alfie Kohn

alfiekohn Alfie Kohn
My new short essay: “’Politically Correct’: The Lazy Bully’s Label of Choice”: 18 Jan

Susan Campbell

campbellcourant Susan Campbell
Religion is good for good people, and bad for bad people. Discuss: 18 Jan

Charlie Euchner

thewritingcode Charlie Euchner
Happy Birthday, Dr. King: Thoughts on the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King ( 17 Jan