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Link Roundup: Overdiagnosed, praise for LGBT titles, New England reads

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Okay, have you entered? Good. Now on to the links of the week.

Praise for LGBT titles forthcoming and just published... A Queer History of the United States is one of Lambda Literary's Highly Anticipated Books of 2011, while Queer (In)Justice was featured in the Advocate's Hot Sheet section.

Stephen Puleo's A City So Grand was mentioned in the Boston Globe's Sunday Travel Section in a terrific roundup of New England reads.

Overdiagnosed, Dr. H. Gilbert Welch's look at the phenomenon of widespread medical testing, aggressive treatment, and unnecessary anxiety about disease, has been roundly praised, and Dr. Welch has become a hot interview. Take your pick of reading and listening opportunities:

Vermont Edition:  

NPR’s Science Friday: 

Radio Times/ WHYY (Philadelphia NPR)

The Los Angeles Times; Q&A with Dr. Welch

Sometimes a book in our backlist gets an unexpected review. We were very pleased to see this delightful write-up for The Daddy Shift on the Kids These Days blog. 

Frederick Lane discusses Facebook, privacy, and employment on CBS News.