The Somber History of the Transgender Day of Remembrance
The Other 99 Percent: Women Who Use Birth Control

Monday Media Roundup

Anita Hill spoke with the Takeaway about some of the remarkable women profiled in her book, Reimagining Equality. You can also listen to her read a chapter from Reimagining Equality at Vanity Fair.

Jay Wexler talks about The Odd Clauses on Legal Talk Network.

KGNU's How On Earth spoke with Cynthia Barnett about America's water crisis.

The Edge calls God vs. Gay? "A pleasurable and intelligent read, this is a book for our times and a book for the ages." And they describe See Me Naked as, "an essential book, and will perhaps begin the national conversation that we deserve." Woot!

The Advocate bookshelf names the Best Non-Fiction Transgender Books, including two Beacon Press books: Just Add Hormones by Matt Kailey and Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg. Also on the list, the amazing Kate Bornstein, whose memoir will be published by Beacon in 2012.