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Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health

Beacon Broadside's 2011 Top Ten

Our top posts this past year reflect the big events and media stories of 2011, and provide the unique perspectives of Beacon's authors. Read what you missed, and share what you liked!

Mary Oliver Reading Three of her Poems at Emory University (video) 

Postcard from Japan: Disability and Disaster by Suzanne Kamata (@shikokusue)

Troy Davis: Why Posterboys Don't Matter by David Dow (@drdow)

That Cup of Hot Coffee? Don't Believe What McDonalds Would Like You To Believe by Jay M. Feinman

Fighting Fear in Wisconsin by Kim E. Neilsen

Condemnation, Compassion, and the Complexity of Abuse by Martin Moran

65-Year Olds Don't Go To Planned Parenthood For Abortions by Carole Joffe 

Recommended Reading for Those Thinking about "The Help": Like One of the Family

Chaz Bono: Almost a Transgender Role Model by Nick Krieger (@nick_krieger)

Oslo Mass Murderer Andrew Breivik and the American Far Right (@laurieessig)

With a forthcoming list that includes former U.S. Representative Elizabeth Holtzman, queer icon Kate Bornstein, acclaimed environmentalist Fred Pearce, and noted sociologist Katherine Newman, plus titles on the business of youth sports, the promise of wind power, the surprisingly short history of heterosexuality, and an eye-opening look at the history of white bread, we are looking forward to BIG things in 2012. Thanks for reading!