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Playbook for Progressives: Read 12 Chapters Free on Facebook

A Facebook giveaway to inspire and guide activists: twelve chapters of Playbook for Progressives by Eric Mann, free. 

MANN-PlaybookForProgressivesIn Playbook for Progressives, Eric Mann distills the lessons learned from his forty-five years as an organizer, as well as from other organizers within the civil rights, labor, LGBT, economic justice, and environmental movements.

This is the first book since Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals written for the swelling wave of dedicated activists—those fighting for affordable housing, ending the mass incarceration of Black and Brown youth, expanding LGBTQ rights, protesting economic inequality, and dozens of other issues—which is why we’ll be releasing twelve chapters from Playbook for Progressives exclusively to our fans on Facebook.

Starting February 6, we’ll post one chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the different roles of the successful organizer—twelve chapters in all. (Preview those roles on Scribd to learn more.) If you want to get involved, want to accelerate your level of involvement, or are already on the front lines of the battle and want to push yourself to a higher level of effectiveness, be sure to become a fan of Beacon Press on Facebook and read the twelve roles of the successful organizer! 


February 6: The Foot Soldier

February 8: The Evangelist

February 10: The Recruiter

February 13: The Group Builder

February 15: The Strategist

February  17: The Tactician

February 20: The Communicator

February 22: The Political Educator

February 24: The Agitator

February 27: The Fund-Raiser

February 29: The Comrade and Confidante

March 2: The Cadre

March 5: Roles 1–12