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Did You Follow the Crumbs? The White Bread Blog Tour

WBblogtourThe White Bread blog tour has been sliced and wrapped, but you can still get a taste at the following blogs:

At Fannetastic Food, author Aaron Bobrow-Strain discussed how artisan bread baking is less scary than you might think.  

Stay at Stove Dad posted some ideas for getting kids involved with baking bread. "I was hooked after 'fiery hot' and 'asbestos gloves'—what a great project to try with kids!"

Read Aaron's "Ode to Stale Bread" at Wasted Food, including advice on tasty ways to use up day-old loaves.

Food Historian Rachel Laudan interviewed Aaron at her blog. "I discovered a strong sense that America’s diet of abundant industrial white bread made us somehow superior to other nations...  I also found a lot of people who believed that our system of churning out bread was a unique and important gift America had to offer the world."

Four Pounds Flour asks "What's So Great About Sliced Bread Anyway?"

And at Food Anthropology, Aaron looks at the "shining aura" that once surrounded the neatly sliced and wrapped loaf of white bread on the supermarket shelf. 

If reading all of these blog posts doesn't convince you to read a book that Raj Patel called "a social history that is better than sliced bread," you can listen to Aaron on NPR's Weekend Edition, read about how white bread became white trash on Salon, and watch this ridiculously fun book trailer made by film students at Whitman College.