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Reflections on 9/11

On this day eleven years ago, life in America was altered in ways we still grapple with today. Most of us have vivid memories of the day--the phone calls urging us to turn on the television, the shock of realizing the deliberateness of what at first we imagined could only be a horrible accident, the concern for loved ones and strangers that flooded our emotional circuits. For those among us who survived the attacks, who witnessed them directly, and who lost family and friends, we hold you in our thoughts today. 

In honor of the day, here are links to the thoughts of several of our authors on remembering the attacks, how they found comfort in the aftermath, and how we can move forward in ways that heal divisions forged out of anger and prejudice. 

"Ground Zero," an excerpt from Sacred Ground by Eboo Patel (You can also listen to Eboo Patel on the Brian Lehrer show and, later today, watch him speak with Christiane Amanpour on CNN at 3pm.)

Joan Murray on writing her poem "Survivors--Found" (read the poem here)

Eboo Patel on making sense of the day through the words of Rumi and Walt Whitman 

Danielle Ofri: A Bellevue Doctor Remembers 9/11

Kate Whouley: Eating Cake on 9/11

Susan Katz Miller: Raising My Interfaith Children With Hope

An excerpt from We Are All Suspects Now: Untold Stories from Immigrant Communities after 9/11 by Tram Nguyen