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Susie Bright, in addition to being a best-selling author, activist, and podcast host, is editor at large for Audible. Susie's blog, The Bright List, keeps readers and listeners apprised of new audiobooks.

Today's post is a cross-post of Susie and Aretha Bright's Bright List review of Without a Map: A Memoir by Meredith Hall.

This is not your average 16 & Pregnant life story.

Without A Map is Meredith Hall's outstanding debut as an author, and it's a story that starts when she gets pregnant by mistake in 1965. 

Kicked out by her mother, and shunned by her small town community in New Hampshire— it's a rocky start. Hall’s life doesn't end up on People magazine— there's no plastic surgery/makeover ending. 

Meredith moves to the Middle East, first on a whim, but it’s a decision that changes her life. She sells every one of her possessions, and yet arrives on the other side of her adventure with something much more precious, as well as a relationship she never dreamed she’d have. 

Narrated by one of my favorite actresses on audio, Kathe Mazur. I discovered her while I  was first recording the Best American Erotica series, and I'd ask for her, again and again.