What About the Children? Marriage Equality, SCOTUS, and Kids
The DOMA Ruling and Children

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All month, we've been celebrating LGBT Pride here at Beacon Press. Now, that's nothing out of the ordinary for us: Beacon publishes some of the best books around about queer history and the fight for equality under the lawgay/lesbian/transgender memoir; religion and homosexuality; and LGBT families, so we don't need a special month to celebrate. But, like many of you, we just want to wave a rainbow flag and throw confetti from a parade float every year when June rolls around. It's a time to shout a little bit louder about some books and authors who are very dear to us. 

So, in honor of Pride, we're giving a special discount of 25% off all our LGBT titles at Beacon.org on orders using the Promo Code PRIDE placed during the month of June. This discount includes some amazing recent books:

Prairie Silence by Melanie Hoffert Family Pride by Michael Shelton Gaga Feminism by Jack Halberstam A Queer and Pleasant Danger by Kate Bornstein

It also includes some books considered classics or quickly becoming so:

Trans Liberation by Leslie Feinberg The Female Man by Joanna Russ My Father's Keeper by Jonathan Silin What is Marriage For? by E. J. Graff

And it evens includes preorders of any forthcoming LGBT title on our site: 

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