Beacon Recommends: Reading in Celebration of Banned Books Week
Can You Really Tell Who's Gay Just By Looking?

Friday Link Roundup

Here's a roundup of what we've been reading and listening to online this week:

—On Salon, Edward McClellan says we're slipping back into a two-class society made up of aristocrats and peasants and argues that we can't sustain a middle class without government regulation.    

—In this past Sunday's New York Times, Kathryn Joyce looks at the business of transnational adoptions particularly in Evangelical communities.       

—Danielle Ofri has an MD and a PhD, but despite her many years of medical training, even her faith in science evaporated and and she feared everything would not be ok when her son had to have minor surgery.

—Get ready for the return of Wonder Bread to grocery store shelves.

—Staff Sergeant Ty Carter lost nine men after an attack in Afghanistan; eight died from physical wounds sustained in the attack, while one died a year after coming home, because he didn't get help for his post-traumatic stress. He now travels across the US to talk to other soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress telling them it's ok to hurt and urging them to get the help they need.

—Next year in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, an expired food store is set to open, because most food is still edible after it's "sell by" date.

—As if Colorado hasn't had enought to deal with already from the recent devastating flooding, now they're monitoring at least eighteen gas and oil spills that resulted from the floodwaters.

An increasing number of retirees are saddled with mortgage debt, which may require them to rely on reverse mortgages to stay in their homes.

—All the straight couples on "Modern Family" have sexual identities, so why is there so much silence around Mitch's and Cam's sex life?

—Do a little window shopping from the comfort of your home by taking a look at these thirty bookstore windows from around the world.