“Columbus Day”
Malala, the Muslim feminist

Weekly Link Roundup: October 13

Inequality for all

—Have you seen the new documentary featuring economics expert, author, professor, and former secretary of labor Robert Reich? If not, find out where Inequality for All is playing in your area.

—And, here's a video that helps explain wealth inequality in America.

—Still not sure if the Affordable Care Act is a good thing? Maybe these people will help convince you.

—On The Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi looks at communities that are "suffering" from an influx of undocumented immigrants.

—What's on the docket for the Supreme Court this year? These eleven cases will examine issues around reproductive health, affirmative action, fair housing, legistlative prayer and more.        

—Over at the Daily Mail, librarians confess their deepest, darkest secrets.

—Attention dog lovers! Mary Oliver's new book of poetry is just for you.

—Medical researchers at the University of Mississippi analyzed what makes up a chicken nugget in two restaurant chains. They found that just 40% of the nugget is meat. So, what makes up the other 60%? (Click through if you dare.)

—Is it time for the Washington Redskins change their name?

15,000 private-sector employees who work at businesses connected to private parks, and are out of work because of the government shutdown, won't get back pay.