The Social Status of Abortion Providers: ‘Doctors of Conscience’ Revisited
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Weekly Link Roundup: November 3


May Day March, photo by David Bacon
Immigrants, workers, union members and community activists marched on May Day in San Jose. Marchers protested attacks on immigrants, unions and the rights of workers, and called on Congress to pass a just immigration reform. (David Bacon)


—A global consensus is emerging on immigration policy—and the U.S. isn’t heeding it.

—Boston is the home to many firsts: the first public park, the first subway, the first kidney transplant. Could the next first be a literary cultural district? With help of a planning grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Grub Street will refine the concept and pitch the MCC for designation of such a district.

—Daylight saving time has once again come to an end. Feeling refreshed after an extra hour of sleep? Here's a brief history of why it came to be.

—A federal district court in Texas found that a law requiring physicians who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital was unconstitutional and does not protect women in any way. Don't breathe too easy yet; the state of Texas has already filed an appeal. Three days later, the decision was reversed.

—Grilled cheese to heal a cut? That's just one of the many bizarre natural remedies from the 1700s as promoted by John Wesley—a British evangelist and the co-founder of Methodist.

—In 2008 and 2012, 75 percent of single mothers voted for President Obama. So who are the other 25 percent that are voting Republican?

—A librarian has started a Tumblr blog with book recommendations made by humans, not algorithms.