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Two decades ago, international wildlife investigator J. A. Mills went undercover to expose bear farming in China and discovered a plot to turn tigers into nothing more than livestock. Now, a new video for Blood of the Tiger takes viewers deep into the heart of one of these tiger farms.

MILLS-BloodoftheTigerThough many people think wild tigers are on the road to recovery, they are in greater danger than ever. There may be only three thousand wild tigers left in the entire world. More shocking: the fact that twice that many—some six thousand—have been bred on tiger farms, not for traditional medicine but to supply a luxury-goods industry that secretly sells tiger-bone wine, tiger-skin décor, and exotic cuisine enjoyed by China’s elite. As Mills shows in the book, a legal market for tiger parts actually inflates demand for wild tiger poaching, offering opportunities to launder wild products into the system and recruiting millions of new consumers, some of whom can afford the “very best.”

Will we stand by and let the world’s favorite wild animal be transformed into livestock to make luxury commodities? Is the world okay with the last wild tigers, rhinos, and elephants being slaughtered for the investment portfolios of a wealthy few? Mills asks these and other difficult questions as she embarks on a personal crusade to mobilize international forces and awaken the world to a conspiracy so pervasive that it threatens every last tiger in the wild, a journey that takes her across Asia, into the jungles of India and Nepal, to Russia and Africa, traveling by means from elephant back to presidential motorcade, in the company of man-eaters, movie stars, and world leaders.

Blood of the Tiger is available now, wherever books and ebooks are sold.


Judy_Mills-by_Scott_HenrichsenJ. A. Mills has worked for TRAFFIC, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and Save the Tiger Fund. She is now a consultant to the MacArthur Foundation and lives in Washington, DC. Visit her website at