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Readers and Their Cats Are Loving “Ace”

By Angela Chen

Cat and Ace
Cat photo credit: Gundula Vogel. Cover art: Louis Roe

When I published Ace, I hoped for positive reviews and perhaps a reader email or two. I did not, however, expect that social media would bring a very particular joy to my life, which is that of readers sending me photos of the book with their cat.

For example:

This one is especially adorable:

Black cats seem to be overrepresented, so here’s a cream-colored one for good measure:

And a gray-and-white one:

As a lifelong admirer of felines in all forms, seeing cats hanging out with my book warms my heart. And as someone who barely knows how to do makeup but has immense respect for the creativity of those who do, I was utterly delighted to see that Ace had even inspired a makeup #BookLook:

Truly, this has exceeded my wildest dreams.


About the Author 

Angela Chen is a journalist and writer in New York City. Her reporting and criticism have appeared in the Wall Street JournalAtlanticGuardianParis ReviewElectric LiteratureCatapult, and elsewhere. Chen is a member of the ace community and has spoken about asexuality at academic conferences and events including World Pride. Find her on Twitter @chengela or at