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By Laurie Essig

The problem with presidential elections is that they stop us from seeing what’s really going on in our culture. Obsessed with the latest wins and losses, the latest political punditry, we stop keeping our eye on the ball and get distracted by the spectacle of corporate-funded rituals of “democracy.” So while most of us were glued to the Iowa caucuses, real change was happening in the world. Read more →

Plastic Surgery: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis of the Body

So what does a tummy tuck have in common with an underwater mortgage? Laurie Essig, author of American Plastic: Boob Jobs, Credit Cards, and Our Quest for Perfection explains how and why millions of Americans choose to finance expensive cosmetic procedures that they can little afford. Read more →

Americans not only pioneered plastic money, but we have also increasingly turned to using it to finance costly "improvements" to our bodies. A new book by Laurie Essig looks at how credit, medical advances, and cultural pressure combined to fuel a huge growth in plastic surgery. Read more →